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J. Christopher Davis, MD


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Medical / Graduate School University of Tennessee College of Medicine '14
Residency UPMC '19
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship Pediatric Radiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2019-2020
& Programs
Nuclear Medicine
Clinical Interest Pediatrics
Nuclear Medicine
Research Interest Tumor Imaging
Selected Publications   Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Davis JC, Daw NC, Navid F, Billups CA, Wu J, Bahrami A, Jenkins JJ, Snyder SE, Reddick WE, Santana VM, Shulkin BL. FDG Uptake During Early Adjuvant Chemotherapy Predicts Histologic Response in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients with Osteosarcoma. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2018 Jan;59(1):25-30

Harris SM, Davis JC, Snyder SE, Butch ER, Vavere AL, Kocak M, Shulkin BL. Evaluation of the biodistribution of 11C-methionine in children and young adults. J Nucl Med. 2013 Nov;54(11):1902-8.

Dong HW, Davis JC, Ding S, Nai Q, Zhou FM, Ennis M. Expression of transient receptor potential (TRP) channel mRNAs in the mouse
olfactory bulb. Neuroscience Letters. 2012 Aug; 524(1): 49-54.

Mu Q, Yang L, Davis JC, Vankayala R, Hwang KC, Zhao J, Yan B. Biocompatibility of polymer grafted core/shell iron/carbon
nanoparticles. Biomaterials. 2010 Jul; 31(19): 5083-5090.

Oral Presentations:
Davis JC, Squires J, Drum A, McKiernan Patrick, Abdalla Wael, Mazariegos G, Squires, JH. Assessment of pediatric liver allograft with shear wave elastography. Society of Pediatric Radiology National Meeting 2018.

Shulkin BL, Davis JC, Navid F, Billups C, Santana V, Reddick G, Najat D. (2013). FDG PETCT: Comparison of early & delayed scanning in
pediatric patients with Osteosarcoma . Oral Presentation presented at: Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging; Vancouver,
Honors and  
Best Case Submission, AIRP September 2017
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