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Brian Lopresti, MSNE

Research Assistant Professor

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Medical / Graduate School University of Pittsburgh
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Research Interest PET imaging in preclinical disease models

PET instrumentation and data analysis

Radiation detection applications

Functional imaging of neurodegenerative diseases

Selected Publications   Lopresti B, Russo A, Jones WF, Fisher T, Crouch DG, Altenberger D, Townsend DW. (1999) Implementation and performance of an optical motion tracking system for high resolution PET brain imaging. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science: 46(6):2059-2067.

Price JC, Klunk WE, Lopresti BJ, Lu X, Hoge JA, Ziolko SK, Holt DP, Meltzer CC, DeKosky ST, Mathis CA. (2005) Kinetic Modeling of Amyloid Binding in Humans using PET Imaging and Pittsburgh Compound-B. J. Cereb. Blood Flow Metab. 25(11):1528-47.

Lopresti BJ, Klunk WE, Mathis CA, Hoge JA, Ziolko SK, Lu X, Meltzer CC, Schimmel K, Tsopelas N, DeKosky ST, Price JC. (2005) Simplified Quantification of Pittsburgh-Compound B (PIB) Amyloid Imaging PET Studies: A Comparative Analysis. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 46:1959-1972.

Klunk WE, Lopresti BJ, Ikonomovic MD, Lefterov I, Koldamova R, Abrahamson EE, Debnath M, Holt DP, Huang GF, Shao Li, DeKosky ST, Price JC, Mathis CA. (2005) Binding of the PET Tracer, Pittsburgh Compound-B (PIB), reflects the amount of A in Alzheimers Disease Brain, but not in PS1/APP Mouse Brain. J Neuroscience 25(46):10598-10606.

Wiley CA, Lopresti BJ, Becker JT, Boada F, Lopez OL, Mellors J, Meltzer CC, Wisniewski SR, Mathis CA. (2006) PET Imaging of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor Binding in HIV-infected Subjects with and without Cognitive Impairment. Journal of Neurovirology 12:262-71.

Klunk WE, Mathis CA, Price JC, Lopresti BJ, DeKosky ST. (2006) Two-year follow-up of am-yloid deposition in patients with Alzheimers disease. Brain 129:2805-7.

Venneti S, Lopresti BJ, Wang G, Slagel SL, Mason NS, Mathis CA, Fischer ML, Larsen NJ, Mortimer AD, Hastings TG, Smith AD, Zigmond MJ, Suhara T, Higuchi M, Wiley CA (2007). A comparison of the high-affinity peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ligands DAA1106 and (R)-PK11195 in rat models of neuroinflammation: implications for PET imaging of microglial activa-tion. J Neurochem 102:2118-31.

Mathis CA, Lopresti BJ, Klunk WE. (2007) Impact of amyloid imaging on drug development in Alzheimers disease. Nucl Med Biol 34(7):809-22.

Venneti S, Lopresti BJ, Wang G, Hamilton RL, Mathis CA, Klunk WE, Apte UM, Wiley CA. (2008) PK11195 labels activated microglia in Alzheimers disease and in vivo in a mouse model using PET. Neurobiol Aging 30:1217-26

Wiley CA, Lopresti BJ, Venneti S, Price J, Klunk WE, DeKosky ST, Mathis CA. (2009) Car-bon-11 labeled Pittsburgh Compound B and carbon-11 labeled (R)-PK11195 positron emission tomographic imaging in Alzheimers disease. Arch Neurol 66:60-7.
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