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Guo-Feng Huang, PhD

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Medical / Graduate School MSc, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, (Beging)
PhD, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship B-amyloid Imaging Probe Research, University of Pittsburgh
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Selected Publications   Klunk W, Price J,Lopresti B, Debnath M, Holt D, Wang Y, Huang GF, Shao L, Meltzer C, DeKosky S, Mathis C. Human amyloid-imaging studies in controls, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimers disease using Pittsburgh Compound-B. Neurobiological Aging(2004); 25(S2): S58.

Wang Y, Klunk WE, Huang GF, Debnath ML, Holt DP, Shao L, Mathis CA. Development of amyloid-imaging agents for both PET and SPECT. Neurobiological Aging (2004);25(S2):S270.

Mathis C, Holt D, Wang YM, Huang GF, Debnath M, Klunk W. Evaluation of a potent thioflavin-T analog for in vivo imaging of amyloid with PET. Neurobiological Aging(2004); 25(2): 249.

Mathis C, Holt D, Wang Y, Huang GF, Debnath M, Shao L, Klunk W. Species-dependent formation and identification of brain metabolites of the amyloid imaging agent [C-11]PIB. Neurobiological Aging (2004); 25(S2): S277.

Klunk WE, Lopresti BJ, Ikonomovic MD, Lefterov IM, Koldamova RP, Abrahamson EE, Debnath ML, Holt DP, Huang GF, Shao Li, DeKosky ST, Price JC, Mathis CA. The Binding of the PET Tracer, Pittsburgh Compound-B (PIB), Reflects the Amount of Ab in Alzheimers Disease Brain, but not in PS1/APP Mouse Brain. Journal of Neuroscience

(2005); 25: 10598-10606.

Klunk WE, Price JC, Lopresti BJ, Huang GF, Debnath ML, Shao L, Tsopelas ND, DeKosky ST, Mathis CA. Can in vivo amyloid imaging with Pittsburgh Compound-B (PIB) tell us anything about the time course of amyloid deposition in Alzheimers disease? Society of Neuroscience Abstracts (2005); 587.5.

Klunk WE, Lopresti BJ, Debnath ML, Huang GF, Shao Li, Lefterov I, Koldamova R, Ikonomovic MD, DeKosky S, Mathis CA. Low Binding of the Amyloid PET Tracer, PIB, to Transgenic PS1/APP Mouse Brain Compared to Human AD Brain Explained by Bmax. Alzheimers and Dementia (2005); 1(S1): S38.

N. Mason, W. Klunk, M Debnath, N, Flatt, G. Huang, L. Shao and C. A. Mathis., Synthesi

and Evaluation of Aromatic Fluorinated [F-18]PIB analogs as Abeta Plaque Pet Imaging

Agents Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 52, s365, 2009
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