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Christopher Deible, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Medical / Graduate School Univ of Pgh SOM, Pgh PA(1990-1994)
PhD/Bioengineering: Univ of Pgh SOM, Pgh PA (1992-1997)

Residency Internship/Transistional: West Penn Hospital, Pgh PA (1999-2000)
Residency/Radiology: Univ of Pgh SOM, Pgh PA (2000-2004)

Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship Fellowship/Body Imaging: Univ of Pgh Med Ctr, Pgh PA (7/2004-12/2004)

Current Radiological Society of North America
& Programs
Digital Imaging
Radiology Informatics
Clinical Interest Cardiac MRI
Research Interest
Selected Publications   Deible CR, Petrosko P, Johnson PC, Beckman EJ, Russell AJ, Wagner WR. Molecular barriers to biomaterial thrombosis by modification of surface proteins with polyethylene glycol. Biomaterials 1998 Oct; 19(20):1885-1893.

Cha CW, Deible CR, Muzzinigro T, Lopez-Plaza I, Vogt M, Kang JD. Allogenic transfusion requirements after autologous donation in posterior lumbar surgeries. Spine. January 2002; 12: 27-33

Burcheneal JE, Deible CR, Deglau TE, Russell AJ, Beckman EJ, Wagner WR. Polyethylene glycol diisocyanate decreases platelet deposition after balloon injury of rabbit femoral arteries. J Thromb Thrombolysis. February 2002; 13(1):27-33.

Towers JD, Deible CR, Golla SK. Foot and ankle biomechanics. Semin Musculoskelet Radiol. March 2003; 7(1): 67-74 (review).

Lacomis JM, Goitein O, Deible C, Schwartzman D. CT of the pulmonary veins. J Thor Imaging. February 2007; 22(1):63-76.

Lacomis JM, Goiten O, Deible C, Moran PL, Mamone, Madan S, Schwartzman D. Dynamic multidimensional imaging of the human left atrial appendage. Europace 2007 Dec; 9(12):1134-1140. Epub 2007 Oct 17.

Confino J, Edmundowicz D, Lacomis JM, Ocak I, Deible CR, Schwartzman D. Extraatrial disease in patients with lone atrial fibrillation. 2008; 1(4); 209-215.

Simon M, Deible CR, Mathier MA, Lacomis J, Goitein O, Shroff SG, Pinsky MR. Phenotyping the right ventricle in patients with pulmonary hypertension. Clin Translational Sci 2009; 2(4); 294-299.

Ocak I, Lacomis JM, Deible CR, Pealer KP, Parag Y, Knollmann F. The aortic root: comparison of measurements from ECG-gated CT angiography with transthoracic echocardiography. J Thorac Imaging 2009 24(3): 223-226.

Ocak I, Lacomis JM, Deible CR, Turkbey B, Knnollman F. Prevalence of aortic root dilatation in patients with CT angiography of the aorta. Diagn Interv Radiol 2010
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