MRRC: Safety Clearance Steps

Hello MRRC Community,

The MRRC has safety as the number one priority for staff, research participants and patients while being scanned in one of the MRI systems. Often times there maybe devices implanted into people that could interfere with a scan, cause burning or a magnetic pull of the object inside the body while being scanned. Users of the MRRC research center must have their patient or participant cleared prior to arriving for their scan. We ask that users follow the following steps and determine if:

  • The device is listed as 3T MRI safe in
  • The device is listed as 3T conditional, and the conditionals can be met in your study
  • The manufacturer is willing to state that the device is 3T MRI safe in writing
  • The surgeon who placed the device is willing to state the device is 3T safe in writing
  • The specialist involved (e.g. neurologist, endocrinologists etc.) with the medical issue or device is willing to state the device is 3T safe in writing.

After all the steps have been completed, and the device is still questionable as to whether it is safe, please contact the MR Operations coordinator: Jen Dobberstein, she will coordinate finding a solution for you.

Remember to bring the documentation you have found to the scan, to ensure the device is safe.

Thank you!
MRRC Staff